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Service Outlet Box – Stainless Steel / Brass


U-Li service outlet boxes are available in circular square & rectangular versions. The stainless steel/ brass material versions look refined and can carry on even greater load. Other solutions are also available for areas with increased floor load requirements.

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Raisefloor Service Outlet Box


U-Li service outlet boxes are effective solutions for “Raised Access Floor” on the requirement of power, telephone and data points. It allows you to create well-organised and functional offices, schools and institution. Raisefloor service outlet box could manufacture to vary compartment as require.

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Wire Cable Tray System


U-Li Wire Cable Tray provides premium performance in commercial and light industrial applications. Wire Cable Tray is a flexible cable support solution for complex sites. Using the product’s own accessories, wire cable tray is easily directed where it needs to be around multiple obstacles. It is also useful as cables can be dropped in

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Raisedfloor Trunking System


Raisedfloor Trunking System has been specially designed for the distribution of power, voice and data services in raised floor installations. This highly adaptable system provides the solution to virtually every challenge met by developers, architects and those involved in providing an efficient and easily managed system for both new constructions and buildings which are

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Flushfloor Trunking System


Flush floor trunking system combines robustness and flexibility allowing power and data distribution throughout concrete flush floors. The most flexible trunking system for concrete floor facilitating frequent maintenance operations or any potential changes of floor box location. Different accessories ensure quick installation and perfect integration into concrete floor. Flushfloor Trunking System

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Underfloor Trunking System


Underfloor Trunking System are a quick and easy way to install power and data distribution throughout screed floors. These systems are particularly robust and are designed to support superior loads. Junction boxes and risers allow easy access when installing cables or for extensions. All accessories are compatible with both PVC and metal trunking.

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Floor Trunking System


U-Li specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of Underfloor Trunking System, Raisedfloor Trunking System and Flushfloor Trunking System .With a large product range and distribution network, U-Li can provide quality products and support locally and internationally. Our cable distribution products are innovative, cost efficient and of the highest quality Floor Trunking System

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Cable Management System (Overview)


U-Li cable supports are designed to provide easy to install cable management for multiple types of sites and to work around the needs of the project manager. The systems come in a range of profiles, depth and load capabilities to suit the needs of installers working on commercial, industrial or other types of sites.

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