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Cable Ladder


U-Li offers a diverse range of cable ladders made from a variety of materials, with a wide choice of cabling depths and load capabilities. They provide a cable management solution for heavy commercial, industrial or other applications. They are supplied in straight lengths, but use fittings to make directional or level changes with bends,

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Cable Trunking


U-Li Cable Trunking is made from high quality sheet steel. It is used extensively across the building industry for support and protection of lightweight cable. It can be formed into a range of combinations of widths and heights so it is easy to find a size to fit your installation’s needs. Supplied in standard

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Cable Tray


U-Li offers some of the strongest cable trays in their classes, and produces them to a very high structural and visual standard. Cable trays offer continuous support of cables, are lightweight, quick and straight forward to install just about anywhere, and generally mean that changing cabling services over the lifetime of a project is

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Cable Support System (Overview)


U-Li cable supports are designed to provide easy to install cable management for multiple types of sites and to work around the needs of the project manager. The systems come in a range of profiles, depth and load capabilities to suit the needs of installers working on commercial, industrial or other types of sites.

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